A True North Market

Filling the bellies and enriching the soul of North Minneapolis.


A hungry neighborhood.


A filled need for a Minneapolis community. North Market was a true collaboration in full-experience design, working hand-in-hand with Pillsbury United Communities, in service to the individuals and families within North Minneapolis. Operating as a conduit of the various community partners, to translate their collective voices into a holistic brand framework executed within a physical space.


The revitalization of the nation’s largest food desserts, the North Market had a responsibility to the surrounding neighborhoods. To be more than a destination, but a nutritional hub where customers could learn and enjoy food in a responsibly curated selection. We took the mission seriously, with the weight of an entire communities’ health upon our shoulders, we were indebted to the people of North Minneapolis, and we listened to their concerns.

North Market Aisle
North Market Meat Market

Not just another grocery store.


We participated in empathy interviews with the community that would eventually neighbor North Market, creating a conversation around their current grocery experiences and considerations when buying food. The convenience factor was essential, as most individuals were forced to travel longer distances for groceries, only to be disappointed by the service and selection. Sentiments like, “How do I use this avocado?”  signaled our development of education as a foundational pillar of the North Market brand.


With such limited access to nutritional foods, the underserved community had adapted to a convenience over freshness mindset. There was always a need for better, as families aimed to provide healthier meals for their children, they lacked the tools and culinary skill to do so. Which is why we helped to bridge the gap through the partnership of the North Memorial Health Resource Center, directing customers toward wellness professionals to invent a holistic health atmosphere.

North Market sign

Community comes first.


Beyond the food that enriched the kitchen table, we aimed to inspire the neighborhood on the communal level. Adding a community space for classes and events, North Minneapolitans could take advantage of the North Market’s versatility as a public resource for community building. Rather than segment the space into fixed programs, we let those who would utilize the space dictate its purpose, furthering our goal of creating a full experience.


Honoring the individual was fundamental to the success of North Market, aggregating the involvement that shaped the building that stands today, we adapted every step of the way. Proposing a brand that utilized green as an oasis of health and wellness, the community suggested a shift to orange as it resonated deeper with the roots of African-American and Latinx cultures. Symbolizing warmth, happiness, and emotional energy, we understood the connection of these shared values throughout the neighborhood. Reflecting the community’s ownership of North Market, we filtered the engagement through our process, knowing that it couldn’t be all things to all people, we meaningfully collaborated with intent to serve in the best way we could.

North Market Community Room

An accomplished experience.


Since its opening in December of 2017, the North Market has already garnered an assortment of recognitions in branding, design, and strategy.


Pillsbury United Communities — President’s Award


Finance & Commerce — Top Construction Project



Finance & Commerce — Progress Minnesota Feature



MinnPost — Community Sketchbook Feature



Minnesota Business — Featured Thought Leadership Article



Chain Store Age — Featured Store Spaces Article



KARE 11 — Grand Opening Coverage



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