Sheep, ram, goat? You vote.

Genomes aside, with your help KNOCK will donate livestock to those in need.

February 5, 2015. Minneapolis

Every year KNOCK celebrates the Lunar New Year. This year, we have quite the predicament. In some parts it’s the sheep. In others, the ram. And finally, somewhere in the dark depths of this planet we call home, the weird noisemaking, formidable goat. So, which one is it? Well after countless hours at the chalkboard, we finally came up with a solution – a 2015 Lunar New Year Election.


While we love voting and pitting species from the same sub-family against each other, we’re really here for a good cause. Through the Heifer Organization, we’ll be donating 20 goats and sheep to families in need. Follow us on our social platforms for up-to-date election results, and for more information on the candidates, and to subsequently vote, click here:



“Those who stay away from the election think that one vote will do no good. ‘Tis but one step more to think one vote will do no harm.”


  - Ralph Waldo Emerson