Shattering the glass ceiling by eliminating it.

Some women smash it, others—like our own Lili Hall—skip it altogether, which is why she was featured in the just-published Forget the Glass Ceiling.

June 19, 2014. Minneapolis

Author Geri Stengel has compiled a must-read for every aspiring woman entrepreneur: Forget the Glass Ceiling: Build Your Business Without One. Recently featured in Forbes magazine, the book includes interviews with 10 women who have created their own fast-growing businesses, each with a unique strategy that has proved to be a standout in their industry.


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From the triple-bottom-line approach of Mandy Cabot at Dansko to scrappy startups such as Luan Cox’s Crowdnetic and Danae Ringelmann’s Indiegogo (not to mention our own Lili Hall’s client-collaborative KNOCK), the book shows how women entrepreneurs have developed companies that are innovative, market-expanding and leaders in the new economy, and draws insights and to-dos that would benefit any budding entrepreneur—or existing enterprise, for that matter. Check out the book here.