Lili Hall accepts EOTY award

Our leader and entrepreneur Lili Hall accepts EOTY award from Metropolitan Economic Development Association

July 6, 2016. Minneapolis

Our fearless founder, President and CEO Lili Hall, accepted the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Metropolitan Economic Development Association’s (MEDA) annual meeting on June 20, 2016 at the Guthrie Theater.


MEDA is a growing organization that provides an array of resources, including: business consulting, financial solutions, and market opportunities for many minority-owned businesses across the Twin Cities. MEDA also announced their strategy for 2016-2020 which includes a loan increase from $8 million to $20 million.


As an entrepreneur, Lili founded KNOCK 15 years ago and she hasn’t slowed down since. Lili continues to be the unstoppable force of creativity and development that shapes the truly collaborative culture around the KNOCK office. Thanks to Lili, KNOCK has (and continues) to reap the rewards.