Handsome Cycles 2.0

Ushering in a new era of riders – and a new way to reach them.

November 23, 2015. Minneapolis

When Handsome Cycles switched their business model to direct-to-consumer, KNOCK was given the challenge of creating a web experience that would not only emulate a hands-on experience, but also create an open and inviting environment for riders alike.

Let’s face it, there’s an intimidation factor with entering the bike community. What’s ironic is that most of us know how to ride a bike. So we decided to create a site experience that’s dedicated to demystifying the bike, and bike culture – with tutorials, guides, and an easy, transparent buying process. Along with all of that, we created a new style guide, redesigned their logo, made a brand video, and individual bike videos. Hence the project name, Handsome 2.0.

So how do you buy a bike online? Using a plethora of tactics, we’ve made it so you’re able to get a comprehensive feel for the bike without even riding it. Each bike begins with a video that encapsulates the experience. What follows is a blend of bike specs grounded in terminology that anyone can grasp, lifestyle and bike-centric photography, and a buying page that helps narrow down exactly which bike best suits you. 

The Handsome experience extends well beyond the sale. Whether you’re assembling your new bike, or changing a flat – we’ve created fun, and easy to comprehend how-to videos that walk you through the process. For when you’re about to hit the road, we have a library of culture guide posts that answer the questions many of us have, but are afraid to ask. 


Anyone can be a rider, and now there’s a complete experience that walks you through the purchase and the ride at handsomecycles.com.